ENPL 313 Rural Community Economic Development
Fall 2005

This course covers theories, concepts, policies, and programs of rural and regional economic development in a variety of contexts. The conditions and prospects for rural settlements will be investigated using analytical techniques, such as location quotients and shift-share analysis.

ENPL 498 Special Topics: Ecological Economics
Fall 2005

This course aims to give students insight into the topic of ecological economics. Students will develop a basic understanding of ecological economics, including the relationships between ecology and economics, in order to plan for a (more) sustainable society.

ENPL 411/606 Planning Theory, Process, and Implementation
Winter 2006

Theories of planning and how theory informs planning practice. How planners manage planning processes, how plans are implemented. Use of communicative skills important in expediting implementation within the political environment of planning practice.

ENPL 419 Social Research Methods
Winter 2006

An overview of quantitative and qualitative research methods. Topics will include research design, ethics, data collection techniques (surveys, interviews, ethnographic data collection), data analysis, and management.